This page details the pricing structure of our club. The annual membership is required before you will be allowed to fly, as this is a requirement for the insurance. On your first visit, you can expect to do one aerotow to 2000 ft.

Full Year Membership (1st September – 31st August)£70.00
Semester 2 Membership£50.00
Flying CostsFee
Winch Launch£7.00
Aerotow 1000 ft£9.00
Aerotow 2000 ft£18.00
Aerotow 3000 ft£25.00
Aerotow 4000 ft£32.00
Aerotow 5000 ft£41.00
Soaring Charges (NU and NU2 only)Free
Other CostsFee
Petrol Money£7.50