Here you can see some photos of the amazing views we get to experience on a regular basis. If you feel you have a photo worthy of the gallery, please share it with us on Facebook or send it directly to the webmaster (

Our single seat Astir CS77 – this glider is available for our experienced solo pilots
Our Twin II Acro, NU2, during our 2022 Portmoak trip
Cockpit view of Loch Leven on our 2022 trip to Portmoak in Scotland
The NUGC fleet at our home airfield, RAF Cranwell
Nose to nose with one of Cranwell Gliding Club’s twin seat ASK21s, R18
RAF Cranwell from Cranwell Gliding Club’s Duo Discus, R2
Portmoak trip 2022
NU approaching Portmoak
The 2021/22 UoNGCPresident, Seb Krause, after completing his five hour flight at Portmoak in the Astir. What an incredible achievement! The Astir was right back up in the sky soon after for someone else’s five hour attempt