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Before continuing please make sure you have purchased a Gliding Membership from the SU website. Without a membership, you won’t be allowed to fly!

The Sign-Up form is open from 8am Monday to 12pm Wednesday.

Covid-19 Statement

As University of Nottingham Gliding Club we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our members, the members of our partners at Cranwell Gliding Club (CGC) and the general public. In order to keep gliding a safe sport and to play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented guidance that our members should consider during club gliding trips. In general, you must not sign-up or attend any gliding events if you…

  • … experience any symptoms of COVID-19 as per NHS guidelines.
  • … had contact with people that are infected with SARS-CoV2.
  • … are self-isolating or clinically extremely vulnerable.

During gliding events, it is recommended to adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks covering mouth and nose wherever a distance of 1.5+ m cannot be maintained. Masks are recommended for

  • The car journey to and from the airfield.
  • Dual flying.
  • Indoor spaces, including the launchpoint bus, bar, workshops, …

Additional measures such as limited occupancy, less frequent crew changes and frequent handwashing are in place in and around the airfield. Some instructors may refuse to fly with you if you have had less than two COVID-19 Vaccines. A negative lateral flow test is also currently required in order for you to go gliding.

Information for new members

New members signing up for the first time are required to come to an information and signup session online to give you the chance to meet us and ask any questions you may have. Signing up online without prior attending a signup session will result in your submission been removed.

You can attend any of the sessions listed on our ‘Join Up’ page to signup for the following weekend’s flying.

Returning members

Returning members, please ensure that you still have club membership (expires in September).